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The Circle

You are a single parent.
You live in a Motel.
You have two kids.
You have three part time jobs.
You are worth nothing, right?

In The Circle you have to manage the life of a single parent for one week. Gain enough money to pay rent, food and still find some time for your kids between your jobs.

Lose Conditions: 
- You get evicted for not paying rent.
- You don't take care of yourself.
- Your kids are taken from you as a consequence of neglect.

Win Conditions:
- Can you win in a life like that? I guess winning means not losing... Not like anyone would care anyways.

Install instructions

Download the .exe file. Double click it to start the game.


TheCircle_v1.1.exe 58 MB


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just watched greystillplay's letsplay on this! would /love/ a mecbook version if you ever got around to it. thank you so much either way!

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Try WINE... https://www.winehq.org/

It's a little complex to install on macOS if you haven't done it before but there are some instructions online.

Here's a quick overview that should help you figure out what to do:

  1. Install Homebrew (https://brew.sh/).
  2. Run the command: brew install wine
  3. In the terminal, type "wine " (including the space), drag and drop the .exe file into the terminal from Finder, then back in the terminal, press Enter.
  4. The game should start up. If you see "The Wine configuration in whatever is being updated...", just wait a few minutes. (Don't be alarmed if you can't drag the window, that's normal)

Unfortunately since the game is designed for Windows, there are a few quirks, namely:

  • The black bars at the top and bottom (depending on your screen width) are white
  • Weird scaling issues (pixels...)
  • Use Command+Tab to navigate between the game and other apps

But, it works quite well. Lemme know if you need any help

Edit: The hunger and happiness bars aren't visible... Well that's a pretty stupid bug...

yea, sadly it doesn't work very well on wine. but I appreciate it nonetheless!!


Thank you for pointing out there was a video! We just watched it ^_^


no prob!! thanks for making such an amazing game! 


Hello SamichMachine,
since you are the one who mades us aware of the video, I thought I'd let you know that Simone made a reaction video to greystillplays video. If you want to, you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyYCjBWntwg