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Welcome to Space Junk Workshop!

In this game you have to fix other people's things… in your very own Space-Workshop! (there is gravity though…) 

Don't know how to fix alien technology?Hit the orange button to open your trusty manual.

The blue button gives you a random assortment of high quality parts.

They drop from the ceiling. Catch them mid air if you can! (No, you don’t get points for that!)

To attach a part to the broken item, simply put it in the right slot and hear it click.

Some parts require screwing, gluing or welding. Place the required tool over the part to lock it in place.

Some items also need a fresh coat of paint, as shown in the manual.

Use the paint-squirties at the end of the assembly line to add paint.

It can get quite chaotic in your workshop. Stay organised and place your items in drawers…

… or use the hooks on the wall to put up your tools!


Programming: Julian Ludwig

SFX: Philipp Kapusta

Art: DU&I

Music: Evil Mind Entertainment - Puzzling Rhythm

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2020, 2D, Global Game Jam, Management, one-button, Short, Singleplayer
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract the contents.

Double click the "galaxyrepair" application.


GalaxyRepair.zip 25 MB

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